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Our Collections


So nice of you to stop by! I am truly humbled and honoured for your visit! My name is Mayra and I'm a mom to my 8 year old Yzabella. Yes, Bella's Pink Bow Shop is named after my lovely daughter! As a mom-trepreneur, my bow-making hours begins after my daughter goes to sleep. (Can you relate?) I stay up late at night to handcraft each bow with love and care. It brings me joy to see my customers and their little ones wearing the products I make!


At our shop, we are constantly planning for new collections and come into new materials to make a new bow designs. Every design is carefully thought out to give your little one a unique and comfortable bows. Be sure to check our website frequently or join our mailing list to be the first to know about our new product updates. Feel free to browse, select, collect and shop our designs!

Happy Shopping!

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